Biancammare, Grillo

Biancammare, Grillo

Nino Barraco
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Sicily, IT

Type, White

Grapes, Grillo

Alc. 11.5%

Year, 2020

Size, 750ml

Serving: cold (6–11°C)

About:  Nino Barraco makes his wines in Marsala on the West coast of Sicily, in the style of his great grandfather, before the British made the fortified, solera aged Marsala wines popular. Here he is focussing on indigenous varietals, vinified to make light, mineral whites and reds that show unparalleled sense of place. One of our favourites is his Biancammare. Grillo growing in the sand dunes right on the coast of the Meditteranean, there is a sea breeze in every sip of this incredible wine.

Nino took over his family’s vineyards in 2004 and from the outset he has worked organically, focussing on the native grapes of his Western Sicily and single vineyard wines, hoping to show others the potential he sees in the region he calls home.

His remote vineyards are spread out up and down the coast and Nino works as hard as any grower we have met, constantly driving his beat up Fiat through the sand dunes to check on his plants. In the cantina his aim is simply to guide the wine from vineyard to glass.

The grapes are picked around a month earlier than his regular Grillo to retain freshness, acidity and verve. They spend just a day on skins, followed by a short élevage in concrete. It was bottled the following April with no additions