Un Coctel Galicio, Field Blend

Un Coctel Galicio, Field Blend

Wines By Dave
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Galicia, ES

Type, Red

Grapes, Field Blend

Alc. 11%

Year, 2021

Size, 750ml

Serving: chilled (12–14°C)

About:  Dave is a garagista winemaker, a term that refers to someone who travels to different wineries, regions and countries, helping out in harvest and winemaking, while there they are given a plot of land and grapes and a space within the winery to make some wines under their own name and using their preferred techniques.

 This series of wines were all made from biodynamcially farmed grapes within the vineyards of Mission, based in Ribeira Sacra. Dave was given a small corner of the winery to make this small project of four wines. This wine is made from a field blend of red and white grapes, mainly Mencia, giving it a beautiful pale translucent red colour. Zippy and fresh, it's worth chilling it slightly before drinking.

The name of the wine feeds from another of the wines in the series, Feismo, which refers to a specific type of architecture seen throughout the region of Galicia, where unauthorised or illegal home improvements are made of scrap and look bizarre. Here it is also a reference to the grapes in the blend that are varieties undesired by other winemakers in the region, along with Dave's own DIY inventions that allowed him to create the wines he wanted to due to a lack of availabililty for the real thing. Un Coctel Galicia is a phrase that acts as a multiple of feismo.