Arbois Pupillin, Chardonnay

Arbois Pupillin, Chardonnay

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Jura FR

Type, White

Grapes, Chardonnay

Alc.  12.5%

Year 2015

Size, 750ml

About:   If you're looking for wine clout on the gram, you'll want to buy this wine! 

A magnificent chardonnay, grown on limestone and then aged for a year in old oak. The popularity of this domaine is wholly deserved.

Renaud Bryuyère and Adeline Houillon have quickly gained a cult following due to time spent learning from Jura legends (Stephane Tissot, Pierre Overnoy) as well as Adeline's superstar family siblings Emmanuel and Aurélien. They amongst other young winemakers in the region are the driving force behind both the quality and popularity of this small and esoteric area. 

The pair met in Rhône, Renaud's home region, but now own 4ha stretched between Arbois and Pupillin (downsizing from 5ha this year, preferring quality to quantity). With no intentions to start their own winery, the couple were happy to work for others but when Stephane Tissot offered them a small parcel in 2011, the plans fell into place very quickly. 

They are direct neighbours to Houillon-Overnoy and vinify their grapes in the cellar beneath their house in the most natural way possible. No filtering or additions of any kind and all farming is either organic or biodynamic, depending on the parcel. The wine is neither stirred or racked and is only occasionally topped up. 

It's a unicorn wine in every sense. People rarely get to drink this wine due to extremely low numbers, even smaller allocations and astronomically high demand. Now's your chance.

Imagine the likes...