Auksinis Maceration, Sauvignon Blanc

Auksinis Maceration, Sauvignon Blanc

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Loire Valley, FR 

Type, Orange 

Grapes, Sauvignon Blanc

Alc.  13%

Year,  2017

Size,  750ml 

Serving: Chilled (12–14°C)

About: Sauvignon blanc that comes from a small 1ha plot of 50year old vines in Verdigny, grown on limestone and clay soils. Picked on the same day as the Auksinis, the fruit is meticulously sorted to ensure only golden grapes, partially affected by botritys are used. The fruit is macerated as whole bunches for 10 days, pressed off, fermented and aged in tank for 2years before a year in old oak. This is one of the wines that Riffault gains his reputation from, this vintage is slightly more restrained but still has heaps of complexity and intricate details. An orange wine amongst the best in the game. Sancerre redefined. 

Sébastien Riffault has stepped away from the stereotypical Sancerre's that his family has been making for generations and instead embraces the winemaking methods of ancestors before them. Using long macerations and fruit with botrytis to bring his wines to life, these cuvées are unique, intriguing and brilliant.