Bérêche Brut Réserve

Bérêche Brut Réserve

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Champagne, FR

Type, Sparkling

Grapes, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay

Alc.  12.5%

Year,  NV

Size,  750ml 

Serving: Cold (6–11°C)

About: Since Vincent and Raphaël Bérêche took over their family's business in 2004 the wines, reputation and growth of the domaine has increased considerably. They are both thoughtful and respectful farmers as well as experienced and highly skilled vignerons. Raphaël Bérêche is one of the co-founders of Terres et Vins with Aurélien Laherte, a group set up to encourage the natural wine and grower champagne movement. His passion has attracted the attention of other natural wine icons and was invited to Fiesta de la Floración in Spain by the guys from Commando G.

The Brut Reserve is based on the 2018 vintage, aged in a mix of barrel and cuve. It is a reflection of all the terroirs that the domaine grow across and has 35% reserve wine from the previous two vintages. It is a wine of pure class, it has excellent balance and is a real example of how good these wines can be.