Castor, Chardonnay

Castor, Chardonnay

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Jura FR

Type, White

Grapes, Chardonnay

Alc.  13.5%

Year 2017

Size, 750ml

About: Castor is hand harvested from 20year old vines in Arbois, grown on limestone-marl soils. Direct pressed and allowed to settle before ageing in neutral oak. This wine has modern Jura chardonnay written all over it, defined citrus flavours and cleansing minerality, rounded off with pleasant vanilla and baking spice.

After tasting Jean Foillard's Côte du Py, Jean-Baptiste Menigoz was hooked and began his journey into natural wine. At first, winemaking was merely a hobby whilst he continued his job as a teacher for disabled children at a school in Arbois. He continued to live this double life between the vines and the classroom for 10 years, before close friend and fellow vigneron, Raphael Monnier (Ratapoil) encouraged him to take an apprenticeship with Jura-master Stéphane Tissot. 

After his time spent with Stéphane he enrolled to a winemaking course in Beaune, to further enhance his knowledge of viticulture. In 2012, Les Bottes Rouges (The Red Boots) was born. Initially, Jean-Baptiste rented vines before being able to acquired land in both Arbois and Abergement. In 2014, he and his wife Jacqueline were joined by Florien Kleine Snuverink. Florien, who is originally from the Netherlands and the owner of Cafe Schiller in Amsterdam, agreed to partner with the couple to run the domaine. Florien had previously worked with Yvon Métras in Beaujolais.

Now owning 7ha of vines, using only organic and biodynamic methods to farm, the domaine create a wide array of wines and always with a simple principle, as Jean-Baptiste says, “We make the wines that we like to drink ourselves.” 

Native yeasts, no fining or filtration (depending on the cuvée) and little to no sulphur additions. The wines are grown on a mixture of terroirs: limestone, marl and some heavy clay sites. This means there is noticeable differences between cuvées of the same grape, depending on the plot where they are grown.