Feismo, Palomino, Godello

Feismo, Palomino, Godello

Wines By Dave
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Galicia, ES

Type, Orange

Grapes, Palomino, Godello

Alc. 10%

Year, 2021

Size, 750ml

Serving: cold (6–11°C)

About:  Dave is a garagista winemaker, a term that refers to someone who travels to different wineries, regions and countries, helping out in harvest and winemaking, while there they are given a plot of land and grapes and a space within the winery to make some wines under their own name and using their preferred techniques.

 This series of wines were all made from biodynamcially farmed grapes within the vineyards of Mission, based in Ribeira Sacra. Dave was given a small corner of the winery to make this small project of four wines. The 2021 was a very wet but sunny vintage, especially in Galicia, where the constant rain and alternating sunshine created double rainbows throughout the each day. When it came to doing the harvest, Dave had one person to help him, that was a grape farmer from next door along with his tractor, the license plate read LUV, and so Rainbows & A Tractor Called Love was named.

The wine is made from 100% Mencia, split 50/50 for a whole bunch/carbonic maceration on skins for 10 days. After this it was pressed to stainless steel, with half going in to old french oak for 7 months. Rainbows... is bottled in the leftover pet nat bottles that couldn't be used for PONK due to a higher loss of wine than expected at disgorgment of the sparkling. Originally deciding on a high quality cork closure for this wine, after an inital run Dave switched to sealing with a crown cap to retain the fresh energy of the finished wine. The label is a design that comprises painted rainbows with a filter overlayed that creates a psychedelic effect. The shape has sort of become Dave's signature, having been created himself out of paper before it's initial use on a red wine made in Austria the previous year. Due to time restrictions he did not actually have final say on the paper choice for this version, created in Barcelona, and instructed the printers to choose whatever card stock they wanted, which turned out to be a metallic, almost holographic, style. A happy accident!