Heritage 2020, Zibibbo

Heritage 2020, Zibibbo

Gabrio Bini
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Sicily, IT 

Type, Orange

Grapes, Zibibbo

Alc.  12%

Year,  2020

Size,  750ml 

Serving:  chilled (12–14°C)

About: The fruit for the Heritage cuvee comes from a small ungrafted plot of zibibbo vines. The vines are up to 120 years old, some of the oldest on the island. This is a serious wine and one of the finest that Gabrio creates. Expect immense tannin, incredible aromatics of zesty fruit and spices, and a palate filled with deep flavour and minerality.

Gabrio Bini, is based on the island of Pantelleria. 100km SW of Sicily, it is closer to North Africa than it is to mainland Europe. Formerly an architect in Milan, Gabrio moved to the island in 1995 and after many years of research, began producing wine in 2005. Inspired by the ancestral winemaking techniques of Georgia, he macerates his wines in large terracotta amphorae buried beneath the earth. His wines capture the energy of the small volcanic island and have gained a cult following for their ethereal characteristics, originality and sick bottle design.