Les Chassagne, Savagnin

Les Chassagne, Savagnin

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Jura FR

Type, White

Grapes, Savagnin

Alc.  12.3%

Year 2016

Size, 750ml

About: The Les Chassagnes, named after the plot where the grapes are grown, is an ouille style savagnin, meaning it is topped up with wine to avoid contact with oxygen. Aged in 2,400 litre oak barrels after a slow maceration process, this wine is savoury, think almonds and baking spice, followed by a long and clean, refreshing mineral and citrus finish. Banging

Philippe Bornard is one of the first names that springs to mind when talking about winemakers from the Jura. Revered and respected all over the world, these wines feature on all of the greatest wine lists. 

Philippe inherited vines from his father, who had previously only sold to cooperatives. It was none other than the great Pierre Overnoy who approached Philippe and told him to begin making his own wine. And now, a few decades later, working with 30+ year old vines and farming solely with biodynamic practices (certified since 2012), these ethereal wines are created. 

With the help of friendly/legendary neighbours (Emmanuel Houillon) along the way, he farms nearly 7ha of land on the limestone-clay soils between Arbois and Pupillin. The higher altitude of the Pupillin bowl allows for a long, slow ripening, adding to the mineral tension of these wines, which reflect the terroir of the Jura. 

Always minimal intervention in the cellar, fermentation occurs using indigenous yeasts, no fining or filtration and no sulphur please, thank you, sir. 

In 2017, Philippe retired as head winemaker and passed the estate onto his son, Tony, who also makes a few wines under his own name. This is the last vintage available where Philippe was at the helm.