Marsannay, Pinot Noir

Marsannay, Pinot Noir

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Burgundy FR

Type >>> Red

Grapes >>> Pinot Noir

Alc. >>> 13%

Year >>> 2018

Size >>> 750ml

Serving: Cold (6–11°C)

About: Fruit from 3ha of 50yo vines. Aged in a mix of 2 to 10yo barrels plus several old demi-muids. Deeper forest fruit flavours and a touch of earthiness are cleansed by pleasant acid and a long finish. 

Sylvain Pataille doesn't look dissimilar to a character from the board game 'Guess Who?'. A wild mane of blond curls and a pair of small round spectacles, he could not be mistaken for anyone else, and rightly so, as no one has has done more for the reputation and revival of the Marsannay appellation than Sylvain. 

He began wine school at 14 and then after completing his degree in oenology in Bordeaux started work at a lab in Beaune. He soon grew tired of this work because of the lack of connection with the wines they were helping to create. And so in 1999, starting out with just a single hectare of land, he began to produce his delicious wines. He is now working with 15ha, farming biodynamically and using only indigenous yeasts and minimal sulphur for his wines. His plots are a collection of some of the finest lieu dits in Marsannay. 

He is a huge advocate of the some-what forgotten and misunderstood third sibling grape of the region, Aligoté. He believes it is one of the best grape varieties, but it has been planted, pruned and cared for in the wrong way and thus lead to a decline. He farms plots of old vine Aligoté Doré, rather than the higher yielding, modern Aligoté Vert, and creates wines with more complexity and class.

Sylvain is notoriously hard to get hold of and is a very busy man, due to his other job as a consultant for no less than 20 of the most elite Burgundian domaines. An incredible winemaker, that knows not only the science behind his work but also believes in the soul of each of his wines.

Burgundy that is both delicious and accessible.