Orange was the Color of her Dress, Savagnin

Orange was the Color of her Dress, Savagnin

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Jura FR

Type, White

Grapes, Savagnin

Alc.  12.5%

Year 2019

Size, 750ml

Serving: Cold (6–11°C)

About:  Patrice Béguet gave up his life in Paris, where he worked in IT, to return to his home region of the Jura. Patrice loves this region because of its abundance of greenery, fields and forests amongst rolling hills and soaring mountains. The land is not dominated by vineyards like many other wine producing regions in France. 

Patrice and his wife, Caroline Hughes, own 4.5ha of vines in the Arbois appellation, including a plot on the coveted 'Les  Corvées' as well as the 'Côte de Feule' in Pupillin alongside some of our other favourite producers. The majority of the vines are 40 years old. 

A true man of the land and devout believer in minimal intervention, biodynamic practices and polyculture. Patrice only uses natural preparations for his vines such as  applying yarrow, nettle, dandelion and chamomile as well as sowing wildflowers, plants and cereals. He places beehives strategically at the bottom of slopes to increase biodiversity and has even sourced an ancient breed of alpine sheep to graze on the grasses between vines and amongst the orchards that surround his land. Some say too far, we say bad ass!

After hand harvesting and meticulous sorting in the vineyard, the grapes are a subject of experiment for Patrice. In the small cave beneath the house in Mesnay, these wonderful wines are created.

Whilst only using indigenous yeasts and little to no sulphur additions, he also likes to play with extended fermentation, custom blends, skin contact and the use of different vessels for élevage, including concrete eggs, aged barrels, stainless steel and fibreglass. 

All the fruit for this wine is picked from Patrice's own vines, some is destemmed and macerated in barrels for five months, while the rest of the fruit starts it's fermentation in a large vat of whole bunches with a 3 week carbonic maceration.

Drawing inspiration from his love of Jazz (this cuvée is named after a Charles Mingus tune), his wine is both elegant and wild  (in the best possible way). Patrice has also featured an original lithograph on the label from his grandfather's early twentieth century gentiane distillery.

Seriously, seriously cool wines! 2000 bottles available worldwide, we've got a few, grab 'em!