Ponk, Blend

Ponk, Blend

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Galicia, ES

Type, Sparkling

Grapes, Grenache, Palomino, Alicante Bouschet

Alc. 10.5%

Year, 2021

Size, 750ml

Serving: cold (6–11°C)

About:  Dave is a garagista winemaker, a term that refers to someone who travels to different wineries, regions and countries, helping out in harvest and winemaking, while there they are given a plot of land and grapes and a space within the winery to make some wines under their own name and using their preferred techniques.

This wine comes from his most recent project working with biodynamically farmed grapes at Mission winery in Ribeira Sacra. A DIY project taking place in a small corner of Mission's winery, creating wines that aren't typically made in the region such as this pet nat required some ingenious adaptation. For the racking in this case, no equipment existed for traditional riddling etc, so Dave used chicken wire and crates to keep the  bottles of wine upside down and  rocks on three levels for the racking. A super limited release, the trial and error nature of this project resulted in a fair loss of wine at the point of disgorgment, with around 200 bottles less being produced than expected. The leftover pre-ordered bottles didn't go unused though, the Rainbows & A Tractor Called Love red was bottled using the 300 odd leftovers.

The result of Dave's efforts here is a super lush, mineral, elegant sparkling rosé pet nat that has a soft mouthfeel and integrated acidity.