Gravner, Ribolla

Gravner, Ribolla

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Friuli IT

Type >>> Orange

Grapes >>> Ribolla Gialla

Alc. >>> 15.5%

Year >>> 2011

Size >>> 750ml

About: Woooowwwweeeeee, what a wine! From the big daddy king of orange wine, Mr Josko Gravner. This isn't just your regular skin contact wine, its a Tolkien-esque journey. Complex, and at times, very hard to read. An army of aromas and flavours open up in the glass as it develops: dried apricots, baking spices, fresh herbs, sherry, almonds (Too many, you'll have to write them all down. Then pop into the shop and we can compare notes.). It begins with a firm grip due to the intense maceration, but slowly releases. Probably best to leave this one out of the fridge while you drink it (even better, decant and leave it for 30mins). Simply incredible, a wine to experience at least once. 

The grapes are fermented in large underground Georgian amphorae for 5 months, after which they drawn off and pressed. The resulting wine is then poured back into the buried amphorae for at least another 5 months. The wine is finished in large oak barrels for six years. An absolutely bonkers process, but the wine is worthy of the wait.

Josko Gravner, the wizard of Oslavia, is a fascinating man. A pioneer of ancient winemaking methods in the modern world. After travelling the world over the years and becoming sick of conventional wines, he made a u-turn and changed his winemaking style to a more ancestral approach. Gaining inspiration from Georgian techniques and biodynamic practices, he is a true man of the earth and believes wholly in the methods he uses to create his wines. However, never pleased with his work, he is constantly looking to dig deeper and to perfect his craft.

Good on ya Josko, we look forward to your next cuvées.