Sous Poids M, Chardonnay

Sous Poids M, Chardonnay

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Jura FR

Type, White

Grapes, Chardonnay

Alc.  13%

Year 2018

Size, 750ml

About: A fun, easy going table wine with a laser like citrus acidity.

Supposedly the pair enjoy a spot of naturism/nudism, including during the harvest. Check out the label.

Christian Boulanger and Matthieu Allante both maintain their day jobs in order to fund this exciting and unorthodox project. Over the years they have uncovered forgotten vineyards, as well as leased and bought sites when they can, so that they can create their wines.

Christian, who has worked with the Labet sibling's for the past 15years and is considered one of the family, has a cellar in Rotalier whilst Matthieu's is 15km south in Gizia. Together they share a passion for wine made without the use of sulphur, from grapes farmed either organically or biodynamically. 

This project is a true labour of love, made by two men with great skills. Delicious wines created despite unconventional resources.