Uncondemned, Medieval Vinho Tinto

Uncondemned, Medieval Vinho Tinto

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Lisboa, PO

Type, Red

Grapes,   Trincadeira, Fernão Pires

Alc. 14%

Year, 2020

Size, 750ml

Serving: chilled (12–14°C)

About: The Uncondemned wines are produced from very old "backyard” vineyards in rural areas north of Lisbon. The vines (120 -140 years old) are condemned to become abandoned due to the ageing of their elderly owners. The wine was in the beginning a product simply enjoyed at home by the makers, and then commercialized locally - similarly to the local olive oil and fruit & vegetables. 

This incredibly interesting red is born of a traditional Portuguese method known as “palhete” - comprising a blend of red and white grapes that are fermented together. The method was commonplace throughout central Portugal until the mid-20th century, at which time it was abandoned for commercial reasons. Palhete is currently seeing a return, which is much welcomed by the younger generation of wine drinkers! 

This cuvée lends a refreshing juiciness to a fresh & lively palate, laden with succulence. Notes of cinnamon, dried fig, violet & tobacco. Whilst neatly expressing qualities of both the red & white grapes within, the gentle, chocolatey tannins to remind you that this is, in fact, a red wine.