Cassoulet Recipe

Top Cuvée x Broche Rotisserie

Bowl of sozzies and beans? Yes please 🥘

At Top Cuvée we love nothing more than teaming up with brilliant chefs and culinary creatives to bring you unique and delicious dining experiences. One of our recent collabs was with none other than Broche Rotisserie, the brainchild of Noble Rot stars Reuben Johnson and Sam Browett. 


Broche is all about bringing rustic French market faves to new audiences, with a focus on simple but delicious dishes cooked to perfection. They wowed the crowd at Cave Cuvée with their menu, on which their cassoulet hot dog was a stand-out star. 


With this recipe we take the cassoulet back to its roots, showing you how to make a delicious and hearty stew that tastes good all year round but which is especially great when there's a chill in the air. 


Top Tips From The Chefs 👨‍🍳

Chef's Notes:
This recipe requires a bit of preparation and lots of ingredients. We used this version for our Cave Cuvée collaboration, and it's the ideal meal for a winter evening. A casserole pot with a lid is the perfect vessel for this dish but alternatively you can use a large saucepan and then transfer to a gratin dish. You can use a variety of different meats and sausages to make this, so treat this more like a guideline or starting point for your own cassoulet exploration!

Cassoulet Recipe: The Ingredients 🥘

Cassoulet Recipe
Serves 3-4
200g soaked haricot or Tarbais bean
300g pork belly (Salted the day before ideally and cut into large chunks)
2 Toulouse sausages
2 confit duck legs
2 tbsp of duck fat or cooking oil
2 medium onions diced
4 cloves of garlic sliced
1 tinned plum tomato finely chopped
Bouquet garni: 1 bay leaf, 1 carrot, sprigs of thyme and 1 stick of celery
50g of dried or panko breadcrumbs
2 tbsp of chopped parsley
1 glass of dry white wine
500ml of chicken stock ( if available )
Salt to taste

Cassoulet Recipe: How To Make The Best Cassoulet The World Has Ever Seen

1. Colour your sausages and pork belly in your pan and put to one side.
2. Fry the onions and garlic in the same pan in the duck fat or cooking oil until translucent.
3. Add the soaked beans, bouquet garni, tomatoes, white wine, chicken stock (if using), pork belly, sausages and then cover with water.
4. Cook for 2-3 hours on low in the oven or on a stove top with the lid on until beans are soft but still have their shape. Season with salt to taste. All of this preparation can be done the day before.
5. In a food processor or by hand chop/mince the parsley and breadcrumbs together until green.
6. About 45 minutes before serving preheat you oven to 200.c, arrange your beans, sausages, pork belly in your dish. Make sure the beans are just covered with the bean liquor.
7. Place your duck confit on top of everything and sprinkle over the breadcrumbs.
8. Bake for 35 minutes or until crisp and a lovely crust has developed on top.
9. Leave to cool for 10 minutes.
10. Enjoy with Dijon mustard, salad and a nice glass of white wine.

Let us know if you cook up a Broche inspired feast, tagging us @topcuvee on Insta to show off your cassoulet creations!


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