House Vermouth
House Vermouth
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House Vermouth

Top Cuvée
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London UK

Type, Vermouth

Grapes, Alcobaca/Spices

Alc. 14.9%

Year, 2022

Size, 1000ml

Serving: Chilled, on ice with splash of soda, wedge of orange and an olive if you're feeling fancy

About:  Finally! A lighter style of vermouth that showcases the wine, is not too sweet and yet flavoursome enough to mix with soda perfect to wet the appetite or enjoy with food!

Over the past year they’ve tried hundreds of different recipes, different base wines, and different methods before uncovering the perfect blend of aromats and the production methods that help maintain the freshness and vibrancy found in Natural Wines. Working closely with the kitchen, the whole team has had input in the final flavour profile.

Focusing the flavour around the bitter wormwood and support this with some Orris Root and Gentian which are all infused into English Grain spirit to create a bitter base fortifier for the wine. In a separate infusion we add the herbal and citrus notes - With Bitter Orange Peel and Lemon peel, alongside Lemon Thyme, Bay Leaves, Cardamom and Rosemary. Finally we add a juicy peach note to the wine which really makes it bang.


Base: Wormwood, Gentian, orris

Mid: Orange, Bay, Cardamom, Rosemary

Top: Lemon, Lemon Thyme, Peach, Peach stone.

Wine: Casetlao, Portugal