Vermouth and Soda

Vermouth and Soda Cocktail Recipe

Vermouth and Soda

The humble Vermouth and Soda makes for a mouth watering aperitif cocktail, the perfect pairing for tapas or a great party drink when entertaining friends.  

Mixed with soda the concentrated blend of herbs, spices and aromatics opens up to become a delicious low alcohol option not lacking in flavour.

This Vermouth And Soda Cocktail recipe is one of our favourites because it is SO simple! Just combine Vermouth and Soda to your preferred ratio over ice, chuck in a garnish and you're on for a good time. 

As always the devil is in the details so you've got unlimited options for customisation when it comes to your brand of soda water and choice of garnish.


  • Ice
  • Orange slices
  • 70ml Sweet Vermouth
  • 100ml chilled soda water
  • Olives


  1. Fill your glasses with ice
  2. Pour in your vermouth 
  3. Top up with soda
  4. Stir gently to combine 
  5. Add your garnish of choice 

Making a vermouth and soda
Garnishing vermouth and soda

The queen of low alcohol cocktails

While a typical Vermouth might be around 15% abv. straight from the bottle, once you've added soda the drops down to between 5% - 7% without losing out on any of the flavour. This makes for the perfect daytime sipper and is ideal for those of us who prefer our cocktails with less of a kick. Some people have tipped the Vermouth and Soda to take over the Aperol Spritz as the worlds go to ultra refreshing beverage.

how should i garnish my vermouth & soda?

Here at Top Cuvée we rarely deviate from a the classic combo of and Orange Wedge neatly skewered alongside a Perello Olive. The orange brings another layer of juicy flavours while the salty, brininess of an un-rinsed olive makes this drink even more mouth watering. 

Other options include, a lemon wedge, a gilda, orange zest or in a pinch skip the garnish and just let the vermouth do the talking!

Slicing an Orange
Vermouth and Soda Drink

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